Seismic Laboratory, SeisLab, was founded in 2005 in order to collect, process and interpret multichannel seismic, deep towed side scan sonar / chirp sub-bottom profiler and multibeam bathymetry data onboard of our Research Vessel “R/V K.Piri Reis” in the extent of the Gas Hydrate research project “National Gas Hydrate Research in our seas” supported by Turkish Prime Ministry – State Planning Organisation.


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Multi-Channel Seismic System

• NTRS-2 System Seismic recorder,
• 1500 m Digital Seismic streamer,
• 7 Streamer depth control system (Bird),
• 2 seismic source (GI Gun),
• Bauer 1280 D Seismic air compressor,
• LMF FL413/F Seismic air compressor,
• TGS-Gun System 8 Air gun control unit,
• Seastar HP 8300 DGPS receiver

Deep Towed Side-Scan Sonar

• Geoacoustics Deep Tow 2000 (110/410 kHz)
• GeoChirp II Engineering Seismic (1-12 kHz)
• Towfish
• Towfish motion sensor
• Towfish navigasyon system (USBL)

– Multibeam Echo Sounder

• SeaBeam 1050D Multibeam Echosounder System (50 – 180 kHz)
• TSS Dynamic motion sensor
• CTD48-M Speed meter

Chirp Engineering Seismic System

• SyQwest Bathy 2010 Sub-bottom Profiler (2.75-6.75 kHz)

– Sparker System

– Super Computer

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