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Marine Geology and Geophysics


Marine Geology and Geophysics Programme is developed to produce professionals with a thorough understanding of collecting and interpreting data, which they would acquire in waters surrounding Turkey and international waters. The data is exclusively collected from economical areas in order to evaluate the needs of the country and to undermine to current potential of the country. The Programme proudly trains experts in this area who would have the norms and skills to lead a team that would be able to produce genuine research from the collected and interpreted data.


Programme Objectives-Research Topics;

• Investigation of all non-living marine resources, primarily situated in continental shelves around Turkey and all other oceans in the world with geological and geophysical methods,
• Creation maps of marine-lake depth by single and multibeam echosounders
• Conducting engineering surveys before marine constructions
• Application of magnetic surveys for both scientific and engineering purposes
• Conducting seismicity surveys for the determination of submarine faults and young tectonic structures
• Studying tsunamis by investigation of existing and possible submarine Landslides
• Production of coastal development models by revealing coastal sediment dynamism
• Making geochemical studies on sediment samples for investigations on marine pollution
• Collecting data in order to determine the reasons and results of paleoclimatic changes from sediment samples and making prospective predictions according to climatic changes to report to official bodies the energy, water, fisheries and agriculture politics