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Underwater Archaeology


The purpose of the Underwater Archaeology MA Program is to train graduate students who will be able to achieve marine surveys, underwater and laboratory studies based on theoretical and methodological knowledge about ancient seafaring, typology of ancient ships, ancient harbors, navigation, etc. It is aimed to solve the human resources in the field of maritime heritage and train experts and scholars, who can perform interdisciplinary studies such as acoustic seabed surveys, biological observations and ship building as well as the practical education about mapping-conserving-managing of underwater cultural heritage.


Research topics;

• Investigation the ancient shipwrecks,
• Determination of ancient sea trade routes,
• Examination of the ancient harbors and their submerged remains,
• Determination of underwater archaeological and natural protected areas,
• Developing the interdisciplinary projects about archaeology, marine geophysics, history, geography, marine biology, shipbuilding technology,
• To create a databank for the processing of information, mapping, technical drawing and conservation by using the latest computer programs,
• Underwater excavations and survey techniques with international standards.