• Erol İzdar Conferance Hall

Erol İzdar Conference Hall has capacity up to 143 persons. It is suitable for conferences, symposiums and presentations.

  • Tosun Konuk Meeting Room

Tosun Konuk Meeting Room has capacity up to 30 persons. It is used for meetings and presentations.

  • Library

Our library has floor area of 90 m2 providing available capacity to 8 readers at the same time. According to 2011 statistics, there are total of 1325 books composed of 291 Turkish, 974 English, 25 French and 35 German languages. There are 215 Naval Hyrography Maps in our inventory. We have 18 printed and 8 electronic periodical publication memberships. We have currently registered 43 academic staff, 4 administrative staff and 90 students. Our library catalogue can be accessed and searched from the website of Central Library of DEÜ. Our library also has internet access for users.

  • Classrooms

There are 2 classrooms with capacities of 18 and 12 persons. Presentation equipments and white boards are available in both classrooms.

  •  Offices

There are 39 and 11 offices used by academic and administrative staffs, respectively.

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