Coastal Engineering


Coastal Engineering


Coastal Engineering

Coastal Engineering is an engineering branch that examines the physical processes and human interaction with these processes in coastal/marine areas.

Coastal Engineering is the application of Physical and Engineering Sciences for development, design, conservation, and management studies in coastal/marine areas.

Although the starting point was inspired by the needs of marine protection and marine use, it now adopts the principles of sustainable development, integrated watershed/coastal/marine area management and ecosystem-based management.

In the Coastal Engineering Program (COE) of DEU-IMST, experts “with knowledge and skill of fundamental concepts about coastal/marine processes, design, and construction of coastal/marine structures; and satisfying the abilities to have active roles in planning, construction and management of coastal/marine structures” are being graduated.

The COE program provides multidisciplinary research opportunities with other Marine Technology and Marine Sciences programs of the Institute.

Research subjects:

  • Hydrodynamics of coastal/marine areas
  • Coastal/marine structure design and applications
  • Sediment transport and coastal morphology
  • Natural disasters (tsunami, storm surge, floods, etc.) and climate change
  • Marine renewable energy (wind, current, wave)
  • Integrated coastal, marine and watershed management


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