Underwater Archaeology


Underwater Archaeology


Underwater Archaeology

This program, acquires theoretical knowledge on topics such as shipbuilding technology, ship typology, ancient seafaring and navigation, ancient harbours, marine geoarchaeology and archaeo-geophysics as well as aiming to train specialists, who will be able to carry out marine survey, underwater exploration and laboratory studies. This program aims to fulfil the lacking human resources in this field, training the experts, who will be able to perform studies on mapping, protecting and managing of underwater cultural heritage by using interdisciplinary techniques, such as acoustic survey, biological observation, shipbuilding, etc. as well as scientific scuba dives.

Research topics;

* exploration and documentation of ancient shipwrecks,

* determination of ancient sea trade routes,

* examination of the submerged ancient harbours and coastal remains,

* determination of underwater archaeological and natural protected areas,

* investigation of naval battlefields,

* develop interdisciplinary projects in the fields such as underwater archaeology, marine geoarchaeology and archaeo-geophysics, maritime history, marine biology, shipbuilding technology,

* to create database using software for geographical information system necessary for processing and mapping the data, and to carry out practical training on technical drawing and conservation,

* to conduct underwater excavation and survey with international standards.


Turkey, having a long coastline, is one of the most important center in the world in terms of underwater cultural heritage. Detecting, documenting, protecting and managing of cultural resources have a great importance. These studies should be carried out with experts to be trained in this field.


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