Dokuz Eylul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology offers you a multi-disciplinary internship program with the combination of teaching and working environment of application with research opportunities and ongoing projects preparation process that will contribute to your business life which one can benefit different perspectives. During the appropriate stages of training process and planned program contribution, work practice and experience on the related program, internship applicant will find the opportunity to benefit the programs and sub-branches of the studies being carried out intensively.


Each module of internship program supported by main programs of the institute (Marine Living Resources, Marine Chemistry, Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology and Geophysics, Underwater Archeology,…etc.) in where the field and laboratory studies and applications support these updated practices, which is compatible with the needs of interns training.


Prior to the application, please follow the announced subsections (modules) of the program in which the appropriate academic department will be subjected by the internship applicant.

Please be aware of your BSc program and topic of the module that match to your internship application and follow the calendar of the year published in the newsletter.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact to our specialists by e-mail (Res. Assist. Remzi KAVCIOĞLU, Lecturer Orhan ATGIN)


Contact: Res.Assist. Remzi Kavcıoğlu,

               Lect. Orhan Atgın,


Main principles:

  • The Institute accepts applications for students of faculties and departments at all levels as a graduate student intern applicant requests written authority indicates Directorate is considering petitions. However, applications created with the candidate’s own school, training committee and Director of the Institute officially certified document submitted as proof of internship will be accepted. The Institute carries out operations related to the Secretariat of the Document Registry.
  • Interns are required but they are their own schools of continuing business days reported during the period covering the date range and the institute declared to do an internship application and undertake. Throughout their term even if they are doing internships in different working days of that period for all the interns in the program following the first day of the first day of internship begins with a formal business days as the duration of the internship ends with the last day of the end of overtime.
  • Graduate Program and the content of this page on the website announced during the year under this article shall be announced prior to the applications. Please refer to the document before the examining obtain information about the period of this document called for in the form of “Internship ( Year Term)”; containing (i) The number of interns will be accepted (the quota), (ii) Internship date range, (iii) The work schedule of topics and (iv) Contains similar announcements for the period.
  • Number of applications exceeds the quota of the quota of cases after the last application that meets the institution has the right to reject candidates later (rankings are based on the petition date of application, grade point average, class, school, or criteria, such as practical experience – not to lack of opportunity on behalf of the – discriminated against).
  • Internship takes in a particular business discipline and calendar. Engaged in an internship is responsible to the investigator who applies to work, laboratory, and internship supervisor. Excused for 20 working days each 1 (one) day notice to more internship or not to excuse the failure to terminate the internship will lead to.
  • Although it does not impact evaluation system, a trainee internship in the probation period of at least gives a presentation about a topic chosen.
  • For Tainee Students, lunch is provided at the institute and service that provides comings and goings in the school building for before and at the end of working hours during their period of internship are free.
  • For data privacy programs required by the conditions or may be asked to sign a document by an intern.

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