Within SWAS (Shallow Water Acoustic Studies) oversees the sea level changes, determination of old coast lines, sedimantology and conducts geothermal and geoarcheological research. SWAS achieves this by observing port structures; marinas, shelters for fisherman, pipelines and sets research points before and after marine construction in order to maintain a controlled research. In order to maintain this, SWAS team uses acoustic devices for shallow waters and manages to gather data as various different sources such as; bathymetric mapping seismics, side scan sonar and magnetic data. Following the approval of SHODB, SWASprocesses and prepares CED reports and conducts surveys with SWAS team preceding and following sea surface scans.



– High Resolution Seismic System

     • SyQwest StrataBox (10 kHz)


– Side-Scan Sonar

     • Imagenex Model 872 Yellowfin (260, 330,0 770 kHz)


– Multibeam Bathymetry

     • Odom ES3


– Magnetometer

     • SharkMarine SDM-4000 Dijital Magnetometer


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