Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture

Maritime institutions and organizations that are active in our region, the expertise they need to-date marine technologies, these requirements are increasing day by day, but answering the shortcomings that have the potential dimensions. Yet, DEU Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology, established since 1975 our country has acquired the seas and international waters, has a technological background. Necessity of presenting this knowledge for the benefit of the maritime industry on the basis of shipbuilding carried out research activities in this program.

Research activities at the beginning of the expected benefits, open new research horizons for particularly including small craft industry and construction and maintenance of the entire ship – repair industry in line with current needs by transferring all of the accumulated experience of the university under the coordination of the ship program.

The program has experience with all the equipment, numerous high quality academic and technical staff, laboratories and workshops, shows efficacy in land and sea vehicles for flybridges, many of the ship from the container ships with the size of fishing vessels until the size of a large oil tanker need for many of the ship basin, including the main machinery.

Naval Architecture Program, working in collaboration with prestigious national and international research centers. Some of them are presented below:
• Japan Ministry of Transport, Marine Technology High School, Japan
• Faculty of Marine Engineering and Ship Technology, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland
• Research Institute for Construction Equipment and Technology – ICECON S.A., Romania
• SARC BV, The Netherlands
• Amarcon, The Netherlands


Research topics:
• Ship building and form design
• Design of the special ships and systems
• Ship hydrostatics and stability
• Ship hydrodynamics
• Advanced ship strength
• Composite materials and testing
• Design of the shipyard and slipway, feasibility studies and organizational surveys





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