SBE 911plus CTD System

The 911plus CTD system includes:
• SBE 9plus underwater unit C, T, and P sensors
• SBE 11plus deck unit

CTD probe records the physical parameters at all depths. These are the temperature, the conductivity, the light transmission, the fluorescence, pH, the pressure, and the dissolved oxygen. Besides measured values, many of the other parameter like salinity and density can be calculated using the software system.




19plus measures the temperature, the conductivity, and the pressure. This device, with memory data recorder feature can be operated without a computer and with the help of a small boat.


Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
1 RDI Ocean Surveyor, (150kHz) mounted at R/V K. Piri Reis and a 300 kHz RDI workhorse.


RCM-9 Aanderaa Current

This instrument has two measurement modes: the first is real-time, and the other is self-recording mode. This device records magnitude and direction of velocity, temperature, conductivity and water pressure values.


Nν-Shuttle System

This instrument oscillate in the sea, and capable of collecting data while the oceanographic research vessel has its normal course. Instrument which may be dropped off into the sea can take oceanographic data at depths of 0-80 m while the research vessel traveling at 5-15 knots. In addition, the equipment measure depth, temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, fluorescence and PAR.

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